Development Heaven – find the script assessment that’s right for you

Put your baby in our gentle hands…

The Midwife – a read that’s gentle on you, looks at your work as ‘half-full’ rather than ‘half-empty,’ pats you on the back, and helps you see where to focus your efforts as you tackle your next draft. Good for a first draft and/or a first writer.

The Nanny – a somewhat stricter appraisal that is honest, pulls no punches, and gives you solid, concrete notes to knock that draft into shape. For those who understand that a criticism of your script is not a criticism of you.

The Personal Trainer – this report is for people serious about getting their script into shape. It is long, detailed, muscular and uncompromising, and comes with a face-to-face meeting, in person or via skype. Not for the faint of heart. If you’re used to taking notes, this one’s for you.

The Professional – this one is for producers. It’s a thorough assessment of the script’s strengths and weaknesses with advice on how to manage the future development of the project, how to approach the writer, how much to expect from future drafts, and how many drafts it is likely to take to get a ‘final draft’. This assessment may well lead to:

Foster Care – a long term relationship where your script is taken from needy infant to fully-fledged adult ready to face the world.