The Development Triangle

Once the development process has begun, the writer is no longer working alone; is no longer only answerable to themselves. There are positives and negatives about the new relationship. Fresh eyes give perspective. Being less close to the project, and having less emotional and personal investment in it, allows the producer/s a certain ruthless objectivity which can be just what a stalled script needs.

There is, however, a tension that arises the moment there is money involved… between the writer writing the script they want to write, the script they’re passionate about, and the writer trying to please the producer/s in order that that rarest of things may happen – the film will move out of development into production and the writer will get paid properly for the immense amount of time they have invested in the project.

One of the great challenges of the development process, one of the great challenges for a script developer, is to retain the passion in the writer, while utlising the objectivity of the producer/s and/or director.

This is a very hard balance to maintain without a third party.

And that’s where we come in.